The Must-Have Tools for Small Business Marketers

Lachlan Donald,

Marketing your small business is challenging. Even just something as basic as establishing a website can be time-consuming. According to the stats, attitudes toward the importance of establishing a website differ wildly:

  • 6 in every 10 small businesses have yet to establish an online presence and get a website
  • 83% of the small business owners with a website feel they have a competitive advantage on those without a website
  • 19% of the small business owners without a website have no plans to build an online presence

For those of us who live online, it’s hard to imagine running a business without a website. Clearly, not everyone agrees. But if there’s one thing we can all thank the digital age for, it’s the plethora of free tools available to help us get our jobs done. That goes double for marketers. There is no shortage of technology to help you spread the word about your business, but they aren’t all created equal. So let us help you sort the wheat from the chaff. Here are the three tools you need to get started marketing your business today.

Mailchimp – Get Your Email Game Together

Whether you just want to send emails and manage contact lists or dive deeper into the CRM tools and email automation, Mailchimp has a solution for you. And as long as you have fewer than 2,000 contacts, it’s free. Like most freemium tools, Mailchimp’s more advanced features are only free to paying customers, but the free version has everything you need to get started with simple email marketing.

Hootsuite – All Your Social Channels in One Place

Even if you don’t have a website (please! puuuhleeease…get a website!), you probably have a social media presence. Back in 2017, Facebook boasted 65 million local business pages, and that number just keeps growing. If you also have a Twitter feed, Instagram account, more than one Facebook page, or any number of other social media feeds, you’ll probably find yourself struggling to keep up with all of them. Tools like Hootsuite can help by letting you manage all your feeds in one place, schedule posts ahead of time, and more. Like Mailchimp, it’s a freemium tool that offers a free version for people with simple needs.

Grammarly – Your Own Private Proofreader

Now a writer? Bad at spelling? Not sure where to put that comma? Don’t worry. Grammarly has you covered. I’ve got the free Chrome extension installed on my browser, which helps catch small mistakes that even my trained eye can miss. But there are beefed up versions for people who need a bit more help. Grammarly can even help you with style and tone. Not sure what passive voice is or why it’s bad? No worries, Grammarly’s AI-powered assistant can help.

But if time is your biggest barrier to marketing your business online, forget these tools and hire a professional to help. Reach out today.