Every writer needs an editor (yes, even you)!

I’ve spent the bulk of my professional career in an editorial role. Every day, I get out my proverbial red pen to correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and any number of things that there aren’t words for. I do this for professional freelance writers that I’ve commissioned work from. I do this for columnists who write regularly to share their thoughts and expertise. I do this for marketing agencies who spend more time thinking about analytics than quality content. I’ve done this for book authors and even other editors. The list goes on and on. And here’s a little secret… Every writer needs an editor.

Even the best of the best… and that’s probably not you.

Image by Anne Karakash from Pixabay
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3 Challenges for Small Business Marketing

Hal Gatewood, Unsplash.com

Small businesses face special challenges when it comes to marketing. Spreading the word about your business and creating a following was hard enough when you were competing locally, but these days you’re keeping up with everyone on the internet.

Yes, the challenges of being a small business owner are growing, but so are the rewards. If you can get your marketing mix right, you’ll find success, but first you have to overcome these three challenges.

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